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Sikkim is an Indian state, located in northern part, in Himalayan mountains. Sikkim is the least populous state among all the other states in India and also stands at second smallest state position after Goa. The state, Sikkim is special in terms of its biodiversity, scenery and special culture and so it became an important tourist destination in the country. The literal meaning of the name of the state is ‘New Palace’. In Hindu mythology, the present location of the state, Sikkim is Indrakil, which is Indra’s garden.


government jobs in sikkimThe state, Sikkim is formed and established with admission to Union in the year of 1975, on 16th of May. State of Sikkim is recognized as an independent state in India and the same is recognized by China. The recognition of this independent state has been done by the neighbour country, China, after meeting a condition. The condition is that the India had to recognize Tibet to be the part of China, officially. There are multiple phases of the formation and establishment of the state of Sikkim and this information can be very useful in attempting the government jobs in Sikkim, as the govt. jobs in Sikkim aspirants need to know about everything about the establishment of the state.

Geographical Area

The total geographical area of the state, Sikkim is 7,096 km2. And according to the size of the rank, the state is at 27th position. Geographically, the state of Sikkim is diverse, because of its location, located in the Himalayas. The state shares one border with the Indian state of West Bengal, but multiple international borders with Nepal, Tibet Autonomous Region and Bhutan. The state contains open land border in between the countries, China and India. One quarter of the land in the state of Sikkim is being the national park, named Khangchendzonga.

Kangchenjunga is a specialized place in the state of Sikkim for the sunrise. Therefore the sunrise here is very special as this peak is at very taller position. The peak of Kangchenjunga stands at the second highest position in the country, India and the same stands as the third highest peak in the world and in the Earth.

Though the state is small, there is a lot more to explore about the geographical area of the state and so is needed for the government jobs in Sikkim as these govt. jobs in Sikkim conducts exams based on this information too, in the syllabus. Prepare with every possible information to attempt the Sikkim government jobs as you need to be proficient with all this information to win in the Sikkim govt. jobs.

Capital & Cities

The capital city of the state, Sikkim is Gangtok and the same city stands to be the largest city in the state. There are only 4 number of districts present in the state. You can visit beautiful city and beautiful sunrise, while you go to write the exams government jobs in Sikkim, as Government of Sikkim conducts these govt. jobs in Sikkim exams in capital cities and larger cities majorly. Visit all the important places in Sikkim, when you attend for the Sikkim government jobs as you would definitely enjoy when you go for attempting the Sikkim govt. jobs.


The total population of the state, Sikkim is 607,688 and stands at the rank of 28th. The total density of the population is 86 per km2.

Government & Politics

The government of the state is the Governor, ShriniwasDadasahebPatil and the Chief Minsiter, PawanChamling, from SDF. The legislature run here is the Unicameral with 32 seats. The contribution of the state to the Parliamentary constituency is 1 in RajyaSabha and 1 in LokSabha. The High Court of the state is Sikkim High Court. The government frequently keep changing in the state of Sikkim and so be well proficient of the governments in the history, so that you can attempt the government jobs in Sikkim, when you appear for the govt. jobs in Sikkim. Before you apply for the Sikkim government jobs, read all the instructions clearly about the Sikkim govt. jobs.


The economy of the state, Sikkim is dependent on agriculture majorly and also on tourism. Though its GDP stands at the third smallest among all the other Indian states. Therefore the economy of the state is growing fast.

Language & Literacy

The state of Sikkim is special in its official languages, as there are total 11 official languages followed in the state. First of all the official languages of the state, Sikkim are English, Sikkimese, Nepali, Lepcha. The other languages in the state are Limbu, Newari, Magar, Gurung, Sherpa, Sunwar and Tamang.

Religion & Culture

The major religions followed and practised in the state of Sikkim are Hinduism and Vajrayana Buddhism. The original inhabitants of the state, Sikkim, are the Lepcha. The place is special for the Buddhism, as the religion. Buddhist saint, Padmasambhava has introduced the Buddhism here, in 8th century. Padmasambhava is also know to the people as Guru Rinpoche and his statue has been built in the state, in memory of him. So, his statue is in Namchi and it stands to be tallest statue of the saint in the entire world.

Government Jobs in Sikkim

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