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Rajasthan is one of the Indian states, located in the western region of the country. The state stands as the largest state in the country, according to the size of the area. The state homes Chittorgarh Fort, which is the largest fort found in Asia.


The state, Rajasthan is formed and established in the year 1956, on 1st November. Study all the necessary history associated with the establishment of the state for the government jobs in Rajasthan as these govt. jobs in Rajasthan demand you to be proficient with this knowledge.

Geographical Area

government jobs in rajasthanThe state of Rajasthan stands to be the largest state in the country, India, according to the size of the area. The total area of the state is 342,239 km2. The state shares the border with the Indian states, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. And the state also shares the international borders with Pakistan. Go through every possible information about the geographical area to attempt the government jobs in Rajasthan as these examinations are tough and need hard work in preparation. Ensure that you take coaching for the Rajasthan government jobs and reserve one position for you in Rajasthan govt. jobs to settle your life.

The major geographical features of the state are usually desert land, which is of Thar Dessert. Aravalli ranges are the ranges cover a good part of the geographical area of the state. Three-fifth of the Rajasthani population lies in the direction of the northwest from the Aravallis. The remaining two-fifth of the population in the state, lives in region of the east direction and south direction. The northwest region of the state is usually sandy during the day.

Capital & Cities

The capital city of the state is Jaipur and the same stands to be the largest city in the state. There are total 33 districts in the state. You can visit these capital cities and largest cities in the state, if you apply for the government jobs in Rajasthan, as these govt. jobs in Rajasthan are conducted in these cities majorly. Go through every detail of the notification for the Rajasthan government jobs so that you can have a sure shoot for the Rajasthan govt. jobs.


The state Rajasthan has the population of 73,529,325 and stands at the 8th rank in the country, on the basis of the population.

Government & Politics

Government of Rajasthan is formed by the Governor, Kalyan Singh and the Chief Minister, VasundharaRaje from the BJP. The state follows Unicameral legislature with total 200 seats. The contribution to the Parliamentary constituency is 25. The High Court of the state, Rajasthan is Rajasthan High Court. Be proficient about the government and politics of the state, Rajasthan to appear for the government jobs in Rajasthan as these govt. jobs in Rajasthan want you to be well versed with this information. Be updated with the day to day current affairs for the Rajasthan government jobs as the current affairs are major parts of the Rajasthan govt. jobs examinations.


The cash crops of the state are cotton and tobacco. They stand as one of the largest producers of the oilseeds. And this state is also one of the biggest states that produce wool in India. The economy of the state, Rajasthan is primarily from the agriculture and pastoral. Wheat and barley are also widely cultivated. The state has many tourism attractions and the tourism of the state is also an important source of economy. The important tourism attractions in the state are palaces present in Ajmer – Pushar and Jaipur, beautiful lakes in Udaipur, many of the desert forts present in the Jodpur, Star Fort, which is also called as Taragarh Fort located in Bundi, Jaisalmer and Bikener. The tourism attracts not only Indians from this country, but also many of the international tourists. The state and the state attractions attract many of the tourists and make the state to stand in the fourth position for the national tourists and international tourists to prefer this tourism destination.

Language & Literacy

The official language used and followed in the state of Rajasthan is Hindi. Rajasthani is widely spoken regional language and was derived from the Indo-Aryan languages family. In addition to this language, the other two languages, widely used for the official purposes are English and Punjabi.

Religion & Culture

Major population of the state, Rajasthan is Hindu with more than 88 per cent of the population. The other following religions are Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism and the other regions. Though large part of the state, Rajasthan is covered with the dessert, the state is rich with culture. There is also varied and rich folk culture in the state.

The important cultures that are worth specifying to belong to the state of Rajasthan are Architecture, Cinema, Art, Religion, Cuisine, Literature, Music and Tourism. The state animal is Chinkara and Camel. The state bird is Great Indian Bustard. The state flower is Rohida and the state tree is Khejri. The culture of the state Rajasthan is rich and artistic with lots of cultural traditions. The culture and tradition of the state reflect the lifestyle of the ancient India. Folk culture followed by the villagers is worth discussing here. This culture is depicted as the symbol of the state. The classical music and dance traditions here in this state are highly cultivated. The songs and dance of the culture are usually focused around one important and regular event in the state, like fetching the water from the ponds or wells.

Government Jobs in Rajasthan

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