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Government Jobs in provides the Current vacancies in the state of the Goa with the Government(Govt) Upcoming and the Latest Jobs and Notifications Recruitment 2016. We try to work for the required Vacancies in the region of Goa 2016 for all current jobs in Goa in 2016 on this page; If you have passed the Class 12 Board Exam or Intermediate or plus two(+2) then it is so valuable this page is for you all and the engineering students who are in the Goa and those who are trying to find new jobs in private sector and also the Government(Govt) sector jobs in the both industries in the state of Goa, all students in Goa must be looking for can get all kinds of Government jobs which are going to come for their vacancy to be filled by the best students. The Vacancy recruitment in Goa in 2016 which are Like the banking, Education, Railway, Defense,…, etc.

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Goa State details:

India, being a very large country, Goa is one of the states in India, which is located is the western parts of the country. The specialty of the state Goa is that its GDP per capita stands to be largest among all the other Indian states, in fact its GDP per capita is close to two and half times to the GDP per capita of India, as a whole. The state stands to be the best place for the infrastructure that also indicates for the best and top positioned quality of life. The first thing we get reminded about after we hear the name of the state, Goa, is the sea beach. The beaches here are very long and very special in terms of the look and comfort of moving nearby. That is the reason Goa has been continuously getting flooded by both the national and international tourists. Apart from the beach, world heritage architecture is also a major attraction here. It is also a significant place for its biodiversity hotspot and also for its rich flora and fauna. There are many rivers that pass through Goa and are Mandovi, Sal, Zuari, ChaporaKushavati and Terekhol.


The state of Goa was established in the year 1987, on 30th May. Goa is the best place for the tourism, in India for the economy generated, as more than half of the tourists visit this place are international tourists. Goa is a very small state and so the Goa government jobs are very few. Anyhow, as an Indian citizen anyone can apply for the Goa govt. jobs here as the completion can be low as the population is also less here. Apply for the government jobs in Goa and prepare for the history and tourism, which are major aspects and attractions for the state. You will definitely get one govt. job in Goa for you.

Geographical Area

The state of Goa shares its borders with the other states of India, like Maharashtra and Karnataka. Goa stands to be the smallest state among all the other states in India, in terms of the geographical area. Population of the state, Goa is 1,457,723 and has more population density, 390 per km2.

Capital & Cities

The capital city of the state, Goa is Panaji. The largest city in the state is Vasco Da Gama. Apart from these two cities, there is also another city with significance, the Margao. The significance of the city is that it still exhibits various influencing and cultural aspects of Portuguese. Goa used to be the Portuguese province after they had conquered this place, after their arrival for the first time here in the 16th century. Goa consists of only two districts. There are only two districts called North Goa and South Goa. Since the capital city, Panaji is located in North Goa, the Goa government jobs are usually held here. Go for the Goa govt. jobs and visit beautiful beaches and rich Portuguese influenced structures and historical places in Goa. Government jobs in Goa are less considered by the aspirants from the other states.

Population & People

According to the population the state, Goa stands at the 4th positions, than the other states in the country. Goa has very less population and is a very small state and so the Goa government jobs are also very less in number. But the Goa govt. jobs are recruited on regular basis. Anyone from this state or who knows very well about the politics and history can hit the government job in Goa. Apply for the govt. job in Goa, through the guidelines.

Government & Politics

The state of Goa follows the Unicameral legislature with 40 seats and the contribution to the Pariamentary constituency is 2. Governor of Goa is MridulaSinha and the Chief Minister is LaxmikanthParsekar, from the BJP. The High Court for Goa is Bombay High Court, which is located in Panaji near the Goa Beach.

Language & Literacy

The official language, understood, used and spoken by the population of state of Goa is Konkani. Though Konkani is an official language, which is in practice, by the people here, Marathi is also widely accepted and used language and is sometimes acceptably used for the official purposes too. The other widely spoken languages here are Kannada, Urdu, Hindi and others. The state has much better percentage of literacy, which is more than 88 per cent. It stands at the 3rd position among all the other states of India.

Religion & Culture

The major religion that has been in practice in the state of Goa is Hinduism, as 66% of the population follow this. The following major percentage is more than 26% for the Christianity. Followers of Islam is more than 8% with the other religion followers contributing to very less, about 0.1% of the population following the other religions, like Jainism, Buddism and Sikhism. Though the major percentage of religion practiced here is Hinduism, the culture is majorly influenced by the Portuguese, who ruled this place for about 450 years. The culture here looks unique and quite different from the culture found from the other parts of India.

Good command over the Portuguese and Hindu culture can win you a good government job in Goa. These govt. jobs in Goa are published regularly and follow this website for all such updated recruitment notifications. Goa govt. jobs can be applied as in person or through online.

The demonyms of Goa, through which the people get identified are Goenkar, Goan and Govenkar.

Goa Government Jobs

The government jobs in Goa are released for the present year, like done for every year. All the latest govt. jobs in Goa 2015-2016, recent government jobs in Goa and upcoming govt. jobs in Goa can be found from this website and is the one of the best references for the same. Anyone can apply for jobs in Goa. Goa state government jobs are very few, as the state is too small to have more number of government jobs. Though the number of jobs is very less every year, Goa govt. jobs are notified regularly. Any aspirants can apply for the govt. jobs in Goa.

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