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Government jobs in KeralaKerala is an Indian state, located in the Southern part of India. The name Kerala was known before as Keralam. The state Kerala has the nick names like God’s Own Country, Land of Coconut Trees and Spice Garden in India. Kerala is one of the preferred tourist locations preferred by the national and international tourists, for its backwater beaches and recently with increased Ayurvedic tourism and also for the attractions of tropical greenery.


The state, Kerala was established in the year 1956, on 1st of November, according to the States Reorganization Act, though the formation of the state was done long before this date, in the year 1949, on 1st of November. The state was renamed in the year 1956 after combining the regions, where Malayalam is spoken. The state, Kerala is bordered with Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and also with Lakshadweep Sea. Focus more on multiple versions of the establishment of the state, Kerala, if your focus is on the government jobs in Kerala to become successful in the govt. jobs in Kerala. When you apply for the Kerala government jobs, be familiar with the history, formation and establishment of the state so that your attempt for the Kerala govt. jobs will be effective.


The state Kerala located along the Malabar coast. The total area of the state, Kerala is 38,863 km2 and the state stands at the 22nd position compared to the other states in India. The geographical area in the state consists both considerable highest elevation and lowest elevation. The state has been spread with very less width that can be from 11 km to 121 km and has longer coastal line that goes to 590 km. The state of Kerala is geographically divided into three important distinct regions, climatically. The first region is the eastern highlands, central mid-lands and the western lowlands. A natural harbour is created for the export of the spices to various countries through the water ways. The state is divided in varied and diversified lands and be more clear about the geographical area in this state to apply for the Kerala government jobs and be successful in the Kerala govt jobs. Government jobs in Kerala demand more familiarity of the culture, history and politics to do well in the govt jobs in Kerala.

Capital & Cities

The capital city of the state Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram. There are 14 districts in the state. The state is divided into total 14 districts. You are most probably to visit the capital city, as the government jobs in Kerala are conducted in the capital and major cities in the state, when you go to attempt the govt. jobs in Kerala. You need to prepare very well for the Kerala government jobs as the competition is more for the Kerala govt. jobs.


The total population of the state, Kerala is 33,387,677 and it stands at the 13th position, according the population. Natives of Kerala are called with the Demonym, Malayali and Keralite. Kerala is a special state, with the highest Human Development Index rate along with the highest literacy rate. The state is also gains the specialty of the highest life expectancy that goes till 77 and the highest sex ratio.

Government & Politics

The state Kerala is run by the body of Government of Kerala, by the Governor, P. Sathasivam and by the Chief Minister, OommenChandy from INC. The legislature followed here is Unicameral with 141 seats. It constitutes 20 number of Parliamentary constituency. The High Court for Kerala is Kerala High Court and is located in Kochi. Government of the state has released the notification for the government jobs in Kerala, so that the aspirants can start applying for the govt. jobs in Kerala. The state government conducts the examinations for the Kerala government jobs as the Kerala govt. jobs are to be conducted transparently and genuinely without any kind of fraud or copying or by any other similar means.

Language & Literacy

The state, Kerala follows two official languages, both Malayalam and English. The state wins the crown of highest percentage of literacy in India, which is more than 93 per cent.

Religion & Culture

Hinduism is practised by more than half of Kerala population. The following religions practised by the population are Islam and Christianity. The state Kerala has a synthesis of culture, combined by both the Aryan and Dravidian. The culture is influenced by the emigrants from the other places in India and also by the people from abroad.

There state symbols of Kerala are like the following. The state animal is Indian elephant. The state bird is Great Hornbill. The state fish is Pearl Spot. The state flower is Golden shower tree flower and the state tree is Coconut tree.

Government Jobs in Kerala

The govt jobs in Kerala are open and the notification is released by the state government. If you are an aspirant to get the Kerala government job, then immediately apply for the Kerala govt. jobs, right away.

The state government of Kerala has released the notification for the latest govt jobs in Kerala 2015-16. Apply for any suitable Kerala jobs 2016, announced by the Kerala state government jobs. You can apply for any of the jobs in Kerala, from the recent government jobs in Kerala and upcoming govt. jobs in Kerala, all published right in this portal.

When you apply for the government jobs in Kerala, you need to be more competent, as the literacy percentage is more in this state to be successful in getting the govt job in Kerala. Apply right away for the Kerala government jobs and prepare well for the Kerala govt. jobs. Wish you all the best for your government jobs that you are going to attempt and give your best in your examinations.

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