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Government jobs in provides the Current vacancies in the state of the Maharashtra with the Government(Govt) Upcoming and the Latest Jobs and Notifications Recruitment 2016. We try to work for the required Vacancies in the region of Maharashtra 2016 for all current jobs in Maharashtra in 2016 on this page; If you have passed the Class 12 Board Exam or Intermediate or plus two(+2) then it is so valuable this page is for you all and the engineering students who are in the Maharashtra and those who are trying to find new jobs in private sector and also the Government(Govt) sector jobs in the both industries in the state of Maharashtra, all students in Maharashtra must be looking for can get all kinds of Government jobs which are going to come for their vacancy to be filled by the best students. The Vacancy recruitment in Maharashtra in 2016 which are Like the banking, Education, Railway, Defense,…, etc.

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Maharashtra is an Indian state, located in the western regions of India. The state stands to be a business capital state of India. It also bags the credit of second most populous sub-national entity in the world.


The state, Maharashtra was formed in the year 1960, on 1st of May. The day is celebrated in the state as the Maharashtra day. The state of Bombay, which is called as Mumbai presently got divided into two different states, called Gujarat and Maharashtra, after the Act, Bombay Reorganization Act 1960 has been implemented. So, you should explore more about the present state and the previously combined states to appear for the government jobs in Maharashtra. Be well prepared for the govt. jobs in Maharashtra. Read all the instructions and guidelines before you apply the Maharashtra government jobs so that you give your best and win one job from Maharashtra govt. jobs.

Maharashtra Geographical Area

The total geographical area covered by the state is 307,713 km2. And the state stands at the 3rd rank among all the other states in India. The state is bordered by the Sea, called Arabian Sea. The state is bordered with the Indian states, Goa, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and also Dadra and Nagar Haveli Union Territory.

The major rivers that flow through the state are Krishna, Tapi, Narmada and Godavari. The entire state is divided into 5 different regions. Study about the five regions to score more in the government jobs in Maharashtra and get a definite job from the govt. job in Maharashtra. Explore everything about the state, in terms of rivers, past history and other aspects to do well in the Maharashtra government jobs. Prepare well for the Maharashtra govt. jobs and settle your life.

Maharashtra Capital & Cities

The capital city for the state, Maharashtra is Mumbai and the same city is treated and considered as the largest city. During the winter, the city, Nagpur is becomes the capital of the state. So, it is treated as the second capital of the state. There are total 36 districts in the state.

Maharashtra Population

The total population of the state, Maharashtra is 112,372,972 and the state stands at the 2nd position in the total population among the other states in the country. The population density of the state is 370 km2. The people of Maharashtra are called the demonym, Maharashtrians. Human Development Index is medium, when compared to the other states in the country. And the HDI is 0.572. The population here are advanced according to the Human Development Index and so you have a lot of competition to grab the government job in Maharashtra. You should prepare better than your competitors to win the govt. jobs in Maharashtra. Go through the respective link for the Maharashtra government jobs in the site and explore everything about the Maharashtra govt. jobs.

Maharashtra Government & Politics

The government body of Maharashtra is Government of Maharashtra and the government is run by the Governor, C. VidyasagarRao and the Chief Minister DevendraFadnavis. The legislature followed here is Bicameral Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly. The contribution to the Parliamentary constituency is 48. The Maharashtra High Court is Bombay High Court. Apply for the government jobs in Maharashtra after exploring more about the politics and government so that you will do well for the govt. jobs in Maharashtra. There are many Maharashtra government jobs in the notification you are sure will get one Maharashtra govt. job.

Maharashtra Economy

The city, Mumbai attracts many of the migrants for the high standard of living. The state of Maharashtra stands to be second most urbanized state, compared to all the other states of the country. The state is an important and one of the wealthiest states in India. This most developed state in the country contributes one quarter of the industrial output and also GDP in the country. The state hosts and accommodates the major industries that can make the production of the products like chemical products, textiles, allied, electrical machinery, non-electrical machinery, petroleum and many other products.

Tourism of Maharashtra attracts the tourists for its Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad, Daimabad hoard from Indus Valley Civilization. The major economy sources of the state are mass media and international trade, technology, aerospace, apparel, fashion, petroleum and tourism. The service sector contributes a major part of the entire economy of the state and its contribution is more than 60%.

Maharashtra Language & Literacy

The official language that has been used in the state of Maharashtra is Marathi. However, there are many dialects used and followed in many other regions in the state. Literacy rate of the population is more than 82%.

Maharashtra Religion & Culture

Most of the state population follows the religion, Hinduism and the percentage is close to 80%. The following religions followed in the state are Islam with more than 11%, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, Sikhism and many other religions.

The state animal is Indian giant squirrel, the state bird is yellow-footed green pigeon, the state tree is Mango and the state flower is Lagerstroemia. The recognized dance in the state is Lavani. The state is flower is lagerstroemia and the state sport is Kabaddi.

Government Jobs in Maharashtra :

Apart from the regular private opportunities in the state, there are also govt. jobs in Maharashtra. So, if you stay in Mumbai, you can also apply for the Maharashtra government jobs. Give an attempt for the Maharashtra govt. jobs once at least.

The latest govt. jobs in Maharashtra 2015-16 are released with the notifications. Apply for the Maharashtra state government jobs according to the Maharashtra jobs 2016 notification. Apply for any jobs in Maharashtra. Come back to the site to see the recent government jobs in Maharashtra and upcoming govt. jobs in Maharashtra.

When you apply for the government jobs in Maharashtra, you are to prepare well for the govt. jobs in Maharashtra. Go through the entire syllabus of Maharashtra government jobs so that you can give your best in the Maharashtra govt. jobs. Wish you all the best for your career in the government of Maharashtra.

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