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Government Jobs in Haryana 2016 :

Government Jobs in HaryanaThe state, Haryana is an Indian state, which is in North India. Haryana stands as an important state, with the major contribution for the production of milk and food grains. Agriculture is the major occupation of the residents of the state. The prominent sites of Vedic civilization and Indus Valley civilization are evident in this state. Many of the decisive battles, like battles of Kurukshetra and Panipat battles had been taken place in this state contributing good part of history of India. The meaning of the name, Haryana is interesting and more related to the Hinduism. Hari means the Lord Vishnu, in Hinduism and Ayana means home. So, the meaning of the name of the state, Haryana is ‘Abode or home of the God’. There is another interpretation of the name, Haryana. According to the scholars, here, Harit means greenery and Aranya means forest. So, the name Haryana means Green Forest.

Haryana State Establishment :

Haryana was part of the Panjab, prior to the year 1966. However, the state was bifurcated on 1st of November in the same year. The bifurcation in this case was done on the distribution of the language. The state of Haryana is established so good that its economic growth has been improved and the number of govt. jobs in Haryana is increased to a great extent. There are many government jobs in Haryana to apply and write the exams to settle the lives. Be very careful in terms of history and politics to attempt the Haryana government jobs. Be well prepared to grab the offer letter for Haryana govt. jobs.

Geographical Area

Haryana is a small state and it shares the borders of the Indian states, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan. The River, Yamuna, flows through the state, Haryana. The state covers most of the part of Delhi, which is the capital of India. So, a big part of Haryana has become part of the NCR or National Capital Region. The division is done for the objective of better planning towards better development.

The state Haryana, stands on 20th position, with the total area of 44,212 km2. A good part of this area is covered under the forest and tree cover.

Capital & Cities

The capital city of the state, Haryana is Chandigarh, but it is not the largest city in the state, as the crown of the largest city has already won the city, Faridabad. The state consists of 21 districts.


According to the population, the state of Haryana stands at the rank of 17 with the total population of 25,351,462 with the population density of 573 people per km2. According to the population density, the state stands at the 11th position. People in Haryana live in rural area and the people who live in the urban area are close to half of the rural population, as the agriculture is the major profession of the people here. The sex ration is in alarming state here, as it has been reduced to 879. Since most of the population are literates, govt. jobs in Haryana have more competition. Though it is very difficult to get the government jobs in Haryana, the number of Haryana govt. jobs is more. All it needs is to prepare well for the Haryana government jobs.

Government & Politics :

The Haryana government is run by the Legislature, Unicameral with 90 seats, by the Governor, Kaptan Singh Solanki and the Chief Minister, ManoharLalKhattar, from the BJP party. The state contributes the Parliamentary constituency with 5 RajyaSabha and 10 LokSabha seats. The High Court of the state Haryana is Punjab and Haryana High Court.

Economy :

The GDP of the state, Haryana is INR3093 Billion and the GDP per capita is INR109227. The state has been developing in the economy with a good growth of 19%. The state, Haryana is considered as one of the major and wealthier states in India, with the per capita income stands in the second highest position in India. Haryana stands to be one of the regions in South Asia, for the economic development.

Language & Literacy :

The official languages of the state, Haryana are Hindi and Punjabi. However, the regional language that is most quite often spoken and understood is the Haryanvi. The state Haryana sounds literate state, as good percentage of population is literate. The literacy rate in the rural Haryana is more than 71% and the literacy rate in the urban Haryana is more than 83%. Govt. jobs in Haryana are usually conducted in the urban regions. So, be prepared to go to the cities to attend for the government jobs in Haryana. When you go of the Haryana government jobs, be very clear about the status and growth of the economy here. Haryana govt. jobs can be hit with good knowledge about history, politics and economics.

Religion & Culture : 

The state Haryana has many cultural aspects, as it is the evidence for the ancient culture many centuries back. The state bird of the state Haryana is black francolin, the state mammal is black buck, the state flower is lotus and the state tree is peepal.

Government Jobs in Haryana :

Haryana government jobs are conducted every year, just like they are conducted in the other states. Government jobs in Haryana have more competition among the candidates, as the literacy rate is more here. Haryana government jobs are conducted in the capital city and all the major cities in the state. Govt. jobs in Haryana can be hit for the candidates, who are more aware of the state Haryana. So, apply for the Haryana govt. jobs. When you apply for the Haryana govt. jobs, be very clear about the eligibility criteria. Read the entire application form when you apply or the govt. jobs in Haryana. Latest govt. jobs in Haryana, 2016-17 and recent government jobs in Haryana are released and the preparation is also started by the candidates. Haryana state government jobs are usually hit by the candidates, who are very well aware of the history of the place, politics and government running here. Anyone can apply for the jobs in Haryana.

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