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Government Jobs in Andhra Pradesh (AP) : provides the Current vacancies in the state of the Andhra Pradesh with the Government(Govt) Upcoming and the Latest Jobs and Notifications Recruitment 2016. We try to work for the required Vacancies in the region of Andhra Pradesh (AP) 2016 for all current jobs in Andhra Pradesh in 2016 on this page; If you have passed the Class 12 Board Exam or Intermediate or plus two(+2) then it is so valuable this page is for you all and the engineering students who are in the Andhra Pradesh and those who are trying to find new jobs in private sector and also the Government(Govt) sector jobs in the both industries in the state of Andhra Pradesh, all students in Andhra Pradesh must be looking for can get all kinds of Government jobs which are going to come for their vacancy to be filled by the best students. The Vacancy recruitment in Andhra Pradesh in 2016 which are Like the Banking, Education,Railway, Defence,…, etc. 

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Andhra Pradesh is one of the South Indian states in India. Andhra Pradesh is one of the diversified states in India, which is an important place in India, for agriculture, Information Technology, Manufacturing Industry, Tollywood and many more. Government jobs in Andhra Pradesh are many to help you to be the part of the most happening state in the country. Govt. jobs in Andhra Pradesh are not very difficult, after the state bifurcation. Andhra Pradesh govt. jobs demand more hard work and commitment. Andhra Pradesh government jobs are very easy for the aspirants, who know more about the state. Latest govt. jobs in Andhra Pradesh 2016-17 and normal jobs in Andhra Pradesh are plenty. Recent government jobs in Andhra Pradesh and upcoming govt. jobs in Andhra Pradesh can enrich the state.

Andhra Pradesh Establishment

The establishment of Andhra Pradesh is not done just once. The initial establishment is done in the year 1953, on 1st of October. Later recognition of the state Andhra Pradesh was done in the year 1956, on 1st of November. At the point of recognition of the state, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Rayalaseema were the three regions, which were combined with diverse culture altogether. However, after a long struggle of Telangana people with Telangana movement the state was re-recognized in the year, 2014, on 2nd of June. The recognition is done second time. After the recognition, Andhra Pradesh and Rayalaseema remained as one state and the other Regional state, Telangana was separated and formed as the 29th state in India. Government jobs in Andhra Pradesh help you to be the part of the new establishment of the state. Govt. jobs in Andhra Pradesh make you to support the state. One should explore about the state for Andhra Pradesh Govt. jobs. The aspirants have to be well versed about the state for Andhra Pradesh government jobs.

Capital & Districts

Before the recent or re-recognition of the state Andhra Pradesh was done, Hyderabad used to be capital of the state. After the bifurcation of the state, in the year 2014, the new capital is proposed for the state. The proposed capital for the state is Amaravathi. The largest city of Andhra Pradesh state is Visakhapatnam. The state contains 13 districts. So, the following ten years from 2014, Hyderabad is going to the common capital for both states of Andhra Pradesh and Telenagana. Government jobs in Andhra Pradesh are open for the state. Andhra Pradesh government jobs demand more of General Knowledge.

Andhra Pradesh Geographical Area

Andhra Pradesh is considerably a larger state and stands as 8th state in India, according to the rank of the area with the total area of Andhra Pradesh being 160,205 square kilometres. The interesting part is that the state of Andhra Pradesh consists of very long coast line, with 972 kilometres or 604 miles. The rivers Godavari, Penna, Tungabhadra and Krishna flow through the state.


Like many other state governments and the relevant politics in the country, the state politics of Andhra Pradesh also run interestingly and become the part of the national news many a times, for the various dynamics happened, especially in the recent decade. After a lot of political dynamics, the present state or situation of the state is that it is in the initial state of development, which is started from the scratch. It is supposed to build all the necessary amenities and facilities to run the government within ten years of duration. Governor of Andhra Pradesh is ESL Narasimhan and the Chief Minister is Nara Chandra Babu Naidu from the Telugu Desam Party. The legislature is of Bicameral. The total number of LokSabhaConstituencies is 25. The High Court for Andhra Pradesh is still in Hyderabad, which is common for both the states, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Govt. jobs for Andhra Pradesh help you reach and be part of the state government.


According to the population, Andhra Pradesh stands in the 10th position in India, with the population of more than 4,3,86,799. The population density of the state is 308 people for the square kilometre.

Language and Literacy

The official language in the state of Andhra Pradesh is Telugu, which is well recognized and got familiar in many states of India, and some of the foreign countries too. The literacy rate of the people, who live in Andhra Pradesh is 67.41.

GSDP or Gross State Domestic Product

GSDP or Gross State Domestic Product is also called as Gross Regional Product or Gross State Product and it indicates the economic output of the state. For the state of Andhra Pradesh, the GSDP is INR 5.2 lakh crore, which is equal to 79 billion US Dollars. So, the overall GSDP per capita is INR 90515, which is equal to 1400 US Dollars.

Cultural Aspects

India is enriched with diverse culture, which we cannot find in any other country throughout the world. The Emblem for the state of Andhra Pradesh is represented by the PoornaKumbham, which indicates the completeness of the wealth, prosperity, etc. The state official language that is written and sung, towards the best representation of the state is “Maa Telugu ThallikiMallePoodanda…”. Every state has its own official dance culture, in India. In the same way, Andhra Pradesh has one interesting dance culture, which is famous not only in country India, but also in many other countries in the world, is Kuchipudi. The official and recognized symbol for animal for the state of Andhra Pradesh stands to be Krishna Jinka in Telugu or Blackbuck in English. The Andhra Pradesh state bird stands to be Paala Pitta in Telugu or Indian Roller in English. The state flower for this state is NeetiKaluva. The state fruit, which is the most favourite and seasonal fruit in India, is MaamidiKaaya in Telugu or Mango in English. The state tree for the state of Andhra Pradesh is VepaChettu and the state sport is Kabbaddi.