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Government Jobs in AssamGovernment Jobs in Assam 2016 : provides the Current vacancies in the state of the Assam with the Government(Govt) Upcoming and the Latest Jobs and Notifications Recruitment 2016. We try to work for the required Vacancies in the region of Assam 2016 for all current jobs in Assam in 2016 on this page; If you have passed the Class 12 Board Exam or Intermediate or plus two(+2) then it is so valuable this page is for you all and the engineering students who are in the Assam and those who are trying to find new jobs in private sector and also the Government(Govt) sector jobs in the both industries in the state of Assam, all students in Assam must be looking for can get all kinds of Government jobs which are going to come for their vacancy to be filled by the best students. The Vacancy recruitment in Assam in 2016 which are Like the banking, Education, Railway, Defense,…, etc.

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Assam State Details :

Assam is one of the Northeast states in India, which is at footstep of the Himalayas. When we hear the name of the state Assam, we instantly remember the Assam Tea and to some extent Assam silk. Another speciality of Assam is that the fist oil well was drilled in this state, for the entire Asia. Assam is the place, where many of the precious and last habitats of the animals and other species are found. For example, it is the last habitat for very specious Asian Elephant. Wildlife and the wildlife tourism in Assam is the potential source of income for the state and became major source of the economy for the state. Not only the wildlife, it is the state is one of the important places for the forests too and the rainfall is found throughout the year. Assam enjoys better rainfall than any part in India and the year-long rain here feeds the River Brahmaputra.

Assam government jobs are announced every year on regular basis and these Assam govt. jobs are very easy to hit for the serious aspirants, all over India. Government jobs in Assam are for the focused aspirants, who are well versed with the Assam government and also with the Indian government.


Another interesting part to know about Assam is that Assam had become the part of British India, after the First Anglo-Burmese war was happened and British had occupied this region. The state was established in the year 1912 as Assam Province – British India and later had become Assam – Independent India, on 15th of August in the year 1947.

 Geographical Area

Assam is the state, through which the Barak Valley and Brahmaputra Valley pass through DimaHasao and KarbiAnglong districts, comprising the area of 30,285 square miles. Assam has one speciality among all the other Seven Sister states in the Northeast Indian states that the state is the central area, which is surrounding by the remaining six sister states, like Tripura, Sikkim, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya and Mizoram. The state is not only bordered with the Indian states, but also with the international borders. Assam is bordered internationally, with the Bangladesh and Bhutan. In terms of area, the state of Assam stands at 16th position with the total area of 78,438 km2.

Population & Economy

The population of the state stands at the rank of 14 with the population of 31,205,576 and the population density of 400 people per km2. The major source of Assam state is oil and agriculture. The tea used in India, is produced in Assam, for the proportion of more than 50 per cent. Though the per capita is less, the business of oil and agriculture is comparatively in a good state.

Government and Politics

The state governor of Assam state is PadmanabhaBalakrishnaAcharya and the Chief Minister is TarunGogoi. The legislature built here is Unicameral with 126 seats. The Parliamentary constituency is formed with 14. And the High Court of the state is Gauhati High Court and is placed in Guahati. Good knowledge in government and politics can provide good government job in Assam. These govt. jobs in Assam help supporting the functions and operations of the government. Assam Government jobs are for the serious aspirants, who have good intent of supporting and helping the people, by providing the services.


The GDP of Assam is much lesser than that of India and it reached at INR 10,198 at current prices. According to the statistics it is much lesser, close to 40% lesser than that of GDP of India.

Capital and Cities

The capital of the state, Assam is Dispur. Though Dispur is the capital city, the largest city and the largest metro is Guwahati. The state consist a good number with 32 Districts.

Most of the government jobs in Assam will be in the capital cities and all these govt. jobs in Assam give good pay, than the private jobs. Assam government jobs need still a good command over the politics, and the constitution of Assam along with the current affairs. Assam govt jobs are applied by lakhs of aspirants.

Language and Literacy

The people in the state of Assam speak the official language, Assamese with the co-official languages, English, Bengali and Bodo. The literacy rate of the state is 73.18%, which is far lower than many other states in India and it stands on the 26th position.

Government jobs in Assam are announced recently for the year 2015-2016 and the aspirants got ready to work on. Govt. jobs in Assam need the aspirants to have good command over the language English. Assam government jobs have the demand of good knowledge over the constitution and the districts in the state. Assam govt. jobs want the candidates to prepare well for the exams.

Religion & Culture

Assam, being the border to many of the Indian states and also to two other neighbourhood countries of India, the people live with diverse culture in the state. The state song for Assam is O Mur ApunarDex. The official and recognized cultural dance for the state is Bihu Dance. The state animal is One-horned Rhinoceros. The state bird is White-winged wood duck. The state flower is EhynchostylisRetusa. The state tree is DipterocarpusMAcrocarpus.

Government Jobs in Assam

Government jobs in Assam are announced to recruit the latest govt. jobs in Assam, 2016-17 for both the recent government jobs in Assam as well as the upcoming govt. jobs in Assam. Assam state government jobs are announced for the year 2016-2017. Latest govt. jobs in Assam 2016-17 are announced with many positions to be filled in the government. Assam Jobs 2016 are announced long back and many aspirants have been working to hit the jobs. Govt. jobs in Assam are to be applied at the right time and need hard preparation to hit the opportunities. Assam government jobs can be hit by only focused aspirants and these Assam govt. jobs are recruited every year and so this year too.


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