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Govt jobs in provides the Current vacancies in the state of the Odisha with the Government(Govt) Upcoming and the Latest Jobs and Notifications Recruitment 2016. We try to work for the required Vacancies in the region of Odisha 2016 for all current jobs in Odisha in 2016 on this page; If you have passed the Class 12 Board Exam or Intermediate or plus two(+2) then it is so valuable this page is for you all and the engineering students who are in the Odisha and those who are trying to find new jobs in private sector and also the Government(Govt) sector jobs in the both industries in the state of Odisha, all students in Odisha must be looking for can get all kinds of Government jobs which are going to come for their vacancy to be filled by the best students. The Vacancy recruitment in Odisha in 2015 which are Like the banking, Education, Railway, Defense,…, etc.
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Odisha is an Indian state, located in the Eastern part of India. The state Odisha is notable in the entire country for the way the state had tackled the structural problems that were occurred during the Indian economic reforms after 1994. It stands in the first position, where the privatization of the electricity transmission was pioneered.

Odisha Establishment

The state of Odisha is formed and established in the year 1936, on 1st of April. The state was formed as Orissa Province, on which date the UtkalaDivasa or Odisha day is celebrated. Establishment history and the past history of the state can be useful for attempting the government jobs in Odisha, as the questionnaire for the govt. jobs in Odisha are dependent on these factors. Prepare well for the Odisha government jobs so that you will get secure position for the Odisha govt. jobs.

Odisha Geographical Area

The total geographical area of the state, Odisha is 155,820 km2. The state ranks at 9th, according to the size of the area in the country. The state shares the borders of the Indian states, like Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh. Important districts are at the coastal line of Bay of Bengal and these districts are more prone to the floods and cyclones in the state and become major hurdles in the development of the state, Odisha. The size of the state is very big and the study of the area can be very useful for the government jobs in Odisha as these govt. jobs in Odisha would shot all the geographical information. Give your best for the Odisha government jobs and attempt well for the Odisha govt. jobs.

Odisha Capital & Cities

The capital city of the state, Odisha is Bhubaneswar presently. Previously the capital city was Cuttack from 1936 to 1948. There are total 30 boroughs in the state.

Odisha Population

The total population of the state, Odisha is 41,947,358 with the population density of 270 per km2. According to the population, the state, Odisha stands at 11th position. The literacy percentage of the population is more and so the competition for the government jobs in Odisha is more. So, when you prepare for these govt. jobs in Odisha make sure you do enough hard work to give well for the Odisha govt. jobs and reserve one position for you from the Odisha government jobs.

Odisha Government & Politics

The government run in the state Odisha is Government of Odisha ,by the Governor, S.C.Jamir and the Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik, from BJD party. The state follows Unicameral legislature with 147 seats. The contribution of the state to the Parliamentary constituency is 21 for LokSabha and 10 for RajyaSabha. The High Court for the state, Odisha is Odisha High Court, located in the previous capital called Cuttack. Get to know all about the operations of the government and politics in the state towards winning the government jobs in Odisha as these govt. jobs in Odisha demand more of this knowledge. It is always a good idea to take coaching for the preparation of the Odisha government jobs and give your best for the Odisha govt. jobs.

Odisha Economy

After many years, the economy of Odisha state has become steady with steady economic growth. The growth rate has become more than the economic growth of the country, India. The reasons for the steady growth rate of the state Odisha, may be two. The first one is that the state has abundant natural resources. The second reason is the large coastline. The state stands to be the most preferred destination for the investment from the investors, investing from overseas.

The state contains the coal resources that contribute to 5th in the country, its iron ore contributes to one quarter in the country. About one third of the bauxite reserves are present in the state. There are plans to establish Special Economic Zones in the state, after the central government has agreed for the same. There is massive resistance radiated from the people, as most of them are dependent on agriculture.

Odisha Language & Literacy

The official language followed in the state, Odisha is Odia and English. Though Odia is the regional language spoken in many places in the state, English is also an important language, spoken and used in the state for the official purposes. The total literacy percentage of the state, Odisha is more than 73%. The other languages spoken the state are Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Santali and Telugu.

Odisha Religion & Culture

The major religion followed in the state of Odisha is Hinduism and it contributes more than 93 per cent of the population in the state. The following religions followed by the population are Christianity, Islam, Sarnaism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism and there are also small percentage of the people, who do not follow the religions at all.

Odisha consists of the dominant and major ethnic group, Odia people. Scheduled castes and tribes contribute to close to 40 per cent of the total population of the state. Some of the notable tribes in the state, are BondaOraon, Santhal, Mahali, Kandha, Munda and Kora.

Government Jobs in Odisha

The govt. jobs in Odisha are open for all the Indian aspirants. The notifications are released for the Odisha government jobs for every year and aspirants are open to apply for these Odisha govt. jobs.

The latest govt jobs in Odisha 2016-17 notification has been released for the current year. You can apply for the Odisha state government jobs as the Odisha jobs 2016 are open for all, as long as the aspirant is eligible for all. Apply for the jobs in Odisha. All the recent government jobs in Odisha and the upcoming govt. jobs in Odisha are quite accessible from this website.

Open the links for the government jobs in Odisha and read all the instructions and guidelines for the govt. jobs in Odisha. Make sure you prepare for the entire syllabus of government jobs in Odisha so that you can attempt the exams of govt. jobs in Odisha.

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